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You should take Hybrid Kombat Kenpo classes in Amarillo, TX

What is Hybrid Kombat Kenpo? Hybrid Kombat Kenpo is a collection of all the best techniques of various forms of martial arts disciplines our instructors have trained in over the years, and these have been combined into one complete Mixed Martial Arts discipline.

We've tweaked this unique fighting style to make the form more complete and practical. Whether you are wanting to fight competitively or just looking to get into better shape. Hybrid Kombat Kenpo is for you. Level up with our belting system, so you can set goals and track your progress with the ultimate goal of obtaining your black belt. You'll love our mentality that the mats don't lie - we see the work you put in and how you're improving every day. Contact our gym today to learn more about our Hybrid Kombat Kenpo classes.

Learn more about the art of Hybrid Kombat Kenpo

While the style Hybrid Kombat Kenpo might seem new to you, we have taken all the best parts of various martial arts forms to create a total and complete MMA form. Hybrid Kombat Kenpo takes techniques from a variety of martial arts, including:

  • Striking techniques from Kickboxing and Muay Thai
  • Take down techniques from judo and wrestling
  • Grappling techniques from jiu-jitsu
  • Self-Defense techniques from Hawaiian Kenpo karate
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